Inheritance formalization

The documents required:

  • death certificate;
  • cause of death certificate (issued by a medical institution) or extract from the state civil register  (registry office) about death with a note of the cause of death;
  • the reference from a housing office certifying that a deceased person lived to the mentioned address as of the date of death (required for localization of opening of inheritance);
  • family composition certificate taken from a housing office according to the form № 3 as of the date of death;
  • birth certificate of a deceased person (if available);
  • birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, confirming the fact of kin relations with a deceased person;
  • last will (if available) bearing a mark made by a notary who certified that the last will was not changed or cancelled;
  • heir’s passport;
  • certificates of taxpayer identification number assignment to a deceased person and an heir;
  • the documents confirming the title to inheritance property (certificates of property rights, alienation agreements, official acts of property right to a land plot, vehicle registration certificates, saving books).