1. Authentication of agreements

  • agreement of sale and purchase, gift or exchange of real estate (apartments, dwelling houses, garden cottages, non-residential premises, garages, etc.);
  • agreement of sale and purchase, exchange or gift of land plots;
  • permanent alimony agreement;
  • agreement of assignment of share in charter capital of a company;
  • real estate mortgage agreement (apartments, dwelling houses, garden cottages, non-residential    premises, garages, etc.);
  • land property mortgage agreement;
  • vehicle mortgage agreement;
  • movable estate pledge agreement;
  • loan agreement;
  • agreement of lease (rent) of vehicles;
  • provisional agreement (prepayment contract);
  • marriage articles (marriage contract).

2. Registration of titles to real estate

3. Authentication of powers of attorney

4. Attesting wills

5. Formalization of testamentary papers

6. Attestation of authenticity of signatures on the documents

7. Attestation of accuracy of copies

8. Protesting of notes and bills

9. Making notary writs

10. Issue of duplicate documents kept in a private notary’s dossiers

11. Attestation of accuracy of the translation of the text of а document from Ukrainian to Russian and from Russian to Ukrainian made by a notary

12. Averment of a citizen being alive (issue of a certificate that a person is alive)

13. Imposition and waiver of prohibitions against alienation of a real or movable estate

14. Handover of an application of physical persons and legal entities to other persons

15. Impoundment of documents

16. Attestation of time of documents being submitted